Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a marble bell tower at Pisa, Italy. Even though the tower has been leaning since it was under construction, it has stood for hundreds of years, despite the fact that it looks as if it might fall any minute.

The tower was begun over 800 years ago, in 1173, and after the first three of its eight stories were built, the ground started to sink, and the tower began to lean. It has continued leaning, a millimeter each year, and now leans 14 feet out of line.

Still, the lean does not stop thousands of tourists each year from climbing its 300 winding steps to the bell tower to view Pisa and the surrounding countryside.


  1. Kisame says

    Interesting, yes. I’ve seen it a few times, doesn’t make me think it’s anymore amazing that oh. my hand. That’s just me, I mean, it”s about to fall soon enough, then what will you people do, cherish memories?

  2. Anonymous says

    I would like to go see this leaning tower, for it would be fun to run up the stairs.

  3. jo says

    Yes it would be fun to run up the stairs. I wonder if you’d fall out the window?

  4. Gofukuself says

    Your at the top with nothing to hold on to, and all of a sudden theres an earthquake! After the quake you feel a slight budge, you look down, only to see that the tower is falling at an alarming rate! What would you do?

  5. Kate says

    I think it is amazing how it leans and never tips more than a millameter wow!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    well i’ve climbed the leaning tower of pisa (jokes apart).it was a fun experience!!u guys should try it..

  7. Anonymous says

    If I was up there i would run down or either jump just like a normal person.

  8. mb says

    i would say that ths is jst a blessing. Until the word nd wl of the gr8 1 above commands then it shal happen which i thnk it aint gona happen. Ppl God is Gr8

  9. DustyBill says

    With todays technology the tower will not fall. There has been many things done to correct some of the lean and has already been up righted about 1 in. It will be here well past anyone’s life time who is reading this right now.

  10. Jessica says

    i think it would be fun to run up all of the stairs and when i wood get 2 the top i wood laugh my head off and the run DOWN the stairs!LOL!

  11. I will be seeing it soon =) says

    i will be going to italy soon enough while i am in high school for the foreign exchange program! i cant wait to see it! i will run up and down all three hundred stairs and take so many pictures from out of the windows! it will be amaising! I just hope that it never falls because if it does italy will be losing alot of tourists and money due to it.
    I <3 Italy.

  12. Anonymous says

    According to the article, the tower is 14 feet out of vertical….
    I hope this is an answer to your posting. I have not idea how many ‘degrees’ that involves, but surely someone reading this posting may have the answer.

  13. Anonymous says

    Just checked another web site – sorry I did not write it down – but the Tower leans 5.7 degrees out of vertical. The article further stated that it is expected to collapse in 75 to 100 years [WE won't see it] at which time it will have reached a 6.1 degree angle out of vertical.
    I enjoyed doing this ‘research.’ Fortunately, there were answers everywhere I looked.

  14. Anonymous says

    in skool we have groups 4 s.s and im in italy we have to learn about a landmark and i picked the leaning tower of pisa also i picked it because it might be intursting to learn about it


  15. shweta singh says

    fantastic imformation……………..loved it…….neways thanks for such an useful matter

  16. nikki says

    gnahh! I would be soo freaked out, even though im not afraid of heights

  17. hafzah says

    I think this get wierd every day.whats the point making it.does’nt people get scared when it lke comming next to u.tramps

  18. Katy says

    lol i would luv 2 go 2 italy and c it!! but i thought u arent allowed to climb it anymore cuz they think itll fall… am i right??

  19. secatec says

    i think that it’s weird that people climb it even though its been there for ages

  20. Maria :( says

    I dont know that when its going to fall im not interested in it but i have to do the Dam! asignment. by the way some day its going to fall

  21. sam says

    guys the leaning tower is something that is so important to italy an dit one of the moast famus sites in italy to see. did you know that it was not suppoesed to lean but, it was built on a clay ground which made it lean toured the ground!!!!!!! and no they didnt not find a way because it was builet on a clay groung, it leans a foot everry year although they have wire that you can not see to hold it up to not make it fall down when people are trying to climb up the tower.

  22. Eleanor says

    I gotta say though.
    It is only a tower. I mean I could stick a building block in playdo and get the same result. What a waste of building materials.

  23. lolzalot says

    OMG i would like so totaly ♥ to go there infact i am learning about the Torre Di Pisa (tower of pisa) and it is sooo flipping kool dat i can’t wait untill i get an A. LOL!!!!!!
    OMG i would like so totaly ♥ to go there infact i am learning about the Torre Di Pisa (tower of pisa) and it is sooo flipping kool dat i can’t wait untill i get an A. LOL!!!!!!!
    OMG i would like so totaly ♥ ……………….
    i am getting sick of this let me get to the point ……
    i would ♥ to go to the leaning tower of pisa and get 500 photos of it and go in side of it

  24. lolzalot says

    OMG the tower is soooooo big i neva thought i would say dis but like OMG tower is magnifacant


  25. lolzalot says

    OMG i know something now lol the leaning tower of pisa is one of the seven wonders of the world lol
    OMG i did not knot that lol i not know that there waz a lady called betra left 60 coins in her will to buy stones to build the tower lol
    and that
    when the workers installed the largest bell of the tower it weight was over 3-and-a-half-tonnes lol and that
    when they were on the 3 story the workers stoped for unknowen reasons lol
    and that
    2 british archatecs used a pump line to determine that the founders inclination is now about 5 degrees

    ok well that is about it and well i know now alot i think because i have a time line on the important dates on the history lol

    oh and dont let me forget that the building of the tower went from 1172-1999
    lol kk bye

  26. lolzalot says

    yer welli am doing the assinment now and it is suprizingly interesting

  27. lolzalot says

    because of the soil and mud they biult it on and becoz of the weight on the tower it is on a lean

  28. lolzalot says

    no but i think that they should stop people going up there becoz at any time it could fall

  29. ebony says

    hi im from england kinsley We think that at school do u know why the leaning tower of pisa leans

  30. butt says

    dude fun ti run up the stairs feel wierd jump down the middle even cooler

  31. john cena says

    hey guys it would be cool if it would lean 56 meters out of place i could run up and down LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

  32. john cena says

    awesome man oyy s martes is what you say in italian to mean baller holla do fe foot smell god g dog spellde t

  33. Kerem Eastwood says

    finally i found what i need for my Geography homework all because the ground started to sink

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